Product Designs that SELL

At Carmona New York, we design products, packaging, and brand visuals, with a holistic approach that includes understanding your customers’ needs, your production process, your brand strategy, and your sales tactics. Our products don’t just look good – they solve problems and improve lives.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our dishes have been selected for “Oprah’s Favorite Things” List, appeared in Hollywood movies, and chosen by chefs like Gordon Ramsay for their restaurants. Our glassware products were featured on TV shows (“The View”), and mentioned in “People” Magazine.

Package & Brand Designs that WORK

Great packaging is one of the keys to success for any product. Excellent branding is a must for any business, whether it’s focused on physical goods or services. We design packaging solutions for retail and E-commerce businesses, as well as complete branding strategies.

Retail Package Design

There are many factors that can “make or break” a retail-oriented product. Is it compact and easy to handle? Does it fit into standard shelf spaces? How easy is it to store, pick, and pack it? If you’re planning to sell via retail channels, we can help you design a packaging solution that works for retail channels.

E-Commerce Package Design

Selling online brings an entirely different set of challenges. Are the orders going to be picked & packed by hand, or automated? Do you always sell a single item, or combine items in a branded box? How fragile is the item? Can it fit into a flat-rate box to minimize shipping costs? We know how to develop package solutions that not only look great, but fit with your E-commerce strategy and minimize expenses & damage.

Product Designs that INSPIRE,  that EXCITE,  that WIN AWARDS,  that SELL

Product Designs
At Carmona New York, we design products with a holistic approach that includes understanding your customers’ needs, your production process, your brand strategy, and your sales tactics.

In this complicated world overfilled with information, it’s important to have a clear message and a strong value proposition. It’s not enough for a product to look good – it must solve a problem or improve a customer’s life in some way, and it must present that solution in a bold and memorable way.

We design products, packaging, and branding strategies – a complete solution that works whether you’re looking to launch a single-focus brand, are expanding your product portfolio.

Our track record speaks for itself.

Our dishes have been selected for the exclusive “Oprah’s Favorite Things” List, chosen by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay for their own restaurants, featured in Hollywood movies, and even caught the attention of the White House Chefs Tour. 

Some of the glassware designed by us for JoyJolt was featured on CBS’ “The View”, mentioned in “People” Magazine, and positively reviewed by wine critics around the country. JoyJolt is an innovative glassware company that’s focused on creating high quality yet affordable products that fill every moment with joy, and being a source of inspiration for an elevated lifestyle.

We’re currently working with manufacturers of home decor & tabletop goods, producers of luxury dinnerware, and a kitchen manufacturer looking for original ideas in cabinet design.

Package Design that SELLS,  that SHIPS,  that INSPIRES,  that WORKS

Package Design
One of the primary success factors for any physical product lies in its packaging.

A truly great package solution needs to satisfy quite a few criteria:

  • It should be exciting and inspiring to capture emotion-guided customers.
  • It should be informative and detail-oriented to convince the fact-driven clientele.
  • It should be economical yet reliable for the manufacturer.
  • It should be compatible with the production, shipping, and distribution processes.

We strive to design product packaging that satisfies all these criteria – and more.

Package Design For Retail Distribution

Is your product intended for retail? It’s not enough to make it look attractive. It should also fit into shelf space (which can determine its placement chain-wide); it should be compact enough that individual packages and master cartons fit on a standard pallet (so there’s less delay and damage during distribution); it should not be too fragile/cumbersome/heavy (so the sorting and shelving personnel don’t have a problem with it); and so on.

There are a multitude of factors that can “make or break” a retail package – so it makes sense to let an experienced design team work on ensuring that your product ends up in the “made it!” category.

Package Design For E-Commerce

If you’re planning to mostly sell online, then a different set of criteria becomes more important.

  • Are you going to have orders picked & packed by hand – or is there automation involved?
  • Do these items often sell in bulk or multiple quantity – or is it almost always a single-item order?
  • How fragile is the item – does it need additional padding or reinforcement to survive the rigors of shipping?
  • Can it fit into a standardized or flat-rate box, to minimize shipping costs?
  • Does each item have to have its own specialized package (e.g. gift items, glassware), or can multiple items be picked, packed, and shipped, in a combo box?

These are just some of the questions that would need to be answered in order to develop a packaging solution that not only looks great and promotes brand loyalty, but also works with your business model, distribution, and shipping process.

Process overview 


Client Profile

Understanding the client’s brand identity, business model, and customer base.

Market Profile

Researching the intended customer base, competition, and budgets.

Refining Details

Fine-tuning the individual aspects of products.
. . .

Post-Project Support

We’re there for our clients even after the work is done. Unexpected issues? Changes? Additions? No problem! Talk to us and we’ll solve it.

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